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Who are we 

The PT Centre is a facility designed for females wishing to transform their bodies, become more confident in the gym and in their day-to-day lives and to expand their knowledge in the health and wellness sector. 

We have a large focus on educating our clients, you will learn WHY you are performing certain exercises, and what muscles you are working and we will ensure you are always practicing the correct technique so you have the confidence to walk into a gym on your own and be confident in what you are doing.

Our main goal is to not only get you to reach your goals and get RESULTS but also teach you how to make this a long-term life-style change. We have all tried different diet methods and participated in “quick-fix” challenges, only to fall back into old habits once the challenge is over. This is what we teach you how to stop! The methods that we teach at The PT Centre will be skills you can use forever!

What you will learn

Our one-day seminar is primarily directed at Coaches & Fitness enthusiasts in the industry who either currently have a female client base or are seeking to coach females, OR if you purely want to come along and learn about what we believe the fundamentals of female coaching are. 


 We will discuss the importance of precise form and our adept approach to imparting it to our clientele. Delve into a comprehensive breakdown of accurate execution and constructive evaluation of foundational exercises such as deadlifts, squats, and hip thrusts. We will provide you with the cues we use and the tailored methods of instructions

 that we use and how we teach  this to women from beginners to advanced trainers. 


Unveiling our paramount recommendations for optimizing programs designed for your female clients, including coaching and training strategies tailored to the menstrual cycle.


Discover the proven techniques that have propelled our business to establish a thriving coaching service focused on women.


Gain insights into the strategies employed to cultivate and sustain strong connections with our female client base.

Event Details

Date: Saturday 8th June

Location: The PT Centre, 88 Park Avenue Kotara

Are you ready 
to level up your coaching knowledge 

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