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Are your ready to TRANSFORM


In 2023 we are starting the year off strong with our Transform Challenge! Wether you are someone who has tried it all, but nothing ever seems to last or if you are a complete beginner and you just don't know where to start. Our simple yet effective training and nutrition methods WILL get you the long lasting result you are looking for. All the help you need is right in front of you, all you have to do is take the leap!


This Challenge is designed to help you: 

Get a long lasting physical transformation 

Learn how to flexible diet 

Change your mindset around training and nutrition 

 Drop body fat 

Change your shape 

Increase muscle mass

Build new long lasting healthy habits 


Our challenges are never just your average challenge. We offer so much 1:1 support and education so you learn the WHY's behind our methods.


1st Place - $500.00

2nd Place - $250.00

3rd Place - $100.00

What to expect...

What else can you expect? 

  • 8 Weeks of specialised programming and coaching designed to change body composition

  • Flexible dieting guide

  • In-app community forum

  • In-app habit building tasks

  •  Recipe Book

  • Mindset support

  • Challenge only social Saturday events + seminars

  • Invite to end of challenge party

  • - Meet and make meaningful connections with like-minded women





Information Night: Thursday the 12th of Jan @ PTC Kotara

Challenge Start Date: Monday 23rd of January

Challenge End Date: 18th of March

End of Challenge Party: Saturday 25th of March 


We are
NO LONGER offering new membership spots for our 5am, 5.50am & 6.40am classes, at our Kotara location due to capacity.

We are STILL OFFERING membership spots for all other class times at Kotara of 7.30am, 10am, 4.40pm & 5.30pm. If you are looking to train at these times you can still join the challenge.

All class times are available to book at our Beresfield location.

For more information please email us at or message us on our social.



A one off fee of $99.00 in addition to your weekly membership.




This is for current class members only. 

HALF PAYMENT (second half due February 18th). This payment is in addition to your membership.

This is for non-members wishing to join us face to face or online.


For the face to face option you must also sign up to a weekly membership

 ($59 weekly for 8 weeks minimum). You will be prompted to do so 7 days before our start date. 



This is for non-members wishing to join us face to face

This covers your class membership + sign up fee

This will give you access to Beresfield and Kotara for the entire 8 weeks

(save $72 by paying upfront)



I love that no matter who you are, what your body shape you are made to feel beautiful and strong. My favourite thing is looking around the gym and noticing all the different shapes and personalities and we are all there to be the best versions of ourselves. I was SOOO nervous to join and the second that I walked in all my nerves went away."


All membership related enquiries need to be sent to our email

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