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The Project is designed for women who are ready to create routine, structure, and sustainability in their lifestyle. It's about empowering our community through education and creating achievable regular habits that lead to consistency and results. The Project has been designed to test and grow your strength, mindset and habits.


You will be randomly allocated into teams and offered guidance and support directly by one of our expert coaches.

The 8-week Project will commence with a 3 rep max testing week!


For the next 6 weeks of the project, we will follow 2 strength training blocks and finally finish on a 3RM testing week so we can measure our progress.

The week before, the 14th of Aug we will have our free trial and which coincides with our technique week!


This is highly recommended for everyone, no matter your experience! 


Grow Your Vision

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Payment Options

Current Members

Full Payment

Pay a one-off entry fee of $149.00.


Members will be required to maintain a membership throughout the challenge to attend classes.

Online Only

Pay a one-off fee of $149.00.


Have complete access to all our Project perks & complete the Project in the comfort of your own home or gym!

Half Payment

Current Members

Pay $74.50 today and $74.50 half way through the Project


Members will be required to maintain a membership throughout the Project to attend classes.

New Members

Pay a one-off challenge fee of $149.00. 


Required to purchase a $59 per week membership to attend classes throughout the Project.

“I loved that this project wasn’t body image or weight focused, i fixate on numbers so it was nice not to and just focus on getting strong and loved the encouragement to really push the weight and test my limits in class!."
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