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"I was the type of person that felts intimidated of others, always care what others thought about me and felt out of place, but as soon as I joined the gym with you girls it started to build my confidence up"

“I love the structure, I have tried many training styles after years as a highly sporty person. I have always burned out, become injured or was so sore I couldn’t push through. This gym is sooooo holistic about staying true to your body on the day, without encouraging low effort. The systems are efficient from the online booking to the way the class moves on the day..."

"I love the welcoming environment and the feeling that everyone is equal no matter experience or ability. There is no judgement!"

"I love that all the girls are really friendly, that attitude defiantly comes from the top down. All of the coaches are so friendly and non judgemental and they defiantly set the tone for what is acceptable"

" I love that it's female only and everyone is valued and accepted. I love how supportive the environment is, I don't feel insecure about wearing a crop top in The PT Centre environment."

" The systems are efficient from the online booking to the way the class moves on the day. It's very inviting but is also a place where you focus on your workout and get to know each other slowly rather than cliques "

"I have been with The PT Centre for almost a year now and it was the best decision I ever made to sign up! The coaches are so amazing and kind. It really is the best way to start my day!

"When I say everything I mean it. I, like many other young women, have had extreme anxiety, and have been to numerous gyms and only lasted 2 weeks because I feel out of place and anxious about how I look and my fitness levels. I honestly look forward to going to The PT Centre and don't even give it a second thought, no anxiety or overthinking. The community are so welcoming and so non-judgemental. The education not only in the gym but also through the group page is so educational. I've never felt more on track mentally and I definitely think The PT Centre is to thank for that."

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